GATE Prev Year : Networks Test-3

Question 1

For the circuit in figure the instantaneous current i1(t) is
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Question 2

A continuous time LTI system is described by

Assuming zero initial conditions, the response y(t) of the above system for the input x(t)=e–2tu(t) is given by

Question 3

Two sinusoidal signals of same amplitude and frequencies 10 kHz and 10.1 kHz are added together. The combined signal is given to an ideal frequency detector. The output of the detector is

Question 4

In the circuit shown, the current I flowing through the 50 W resistor will be zero if the value of capacitor C(in mF) is _______.
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Question 5

In the circuit shown below, the current I is equal to

Question 6

A system is described by the following differential equation, where u(t) is the input to the system and y(t) is the output of the system.
y(t) + 5y(t) = u(t)
When y(0) = 1 and u(t) is a unit step function, y(t) is

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